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An engineering company continues to understand you as it is at work; We do our best to help you in every issue, offering the most economical, accessible, quality solutions for you.


Our mission is to reflect the maximum efficiency in production with optimum solutions and reflect it to our customers with minimum costs.


To turn CNR Flex into a wanted brand with different working discipline in the natural gas hose market.

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Your service expectation, the promises you received, the questions that the answer satisfies you, and your requests, which are your most basic right; As a user, you should choose us for its timeliness, completeness and as soon as possible.
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About Us

Our company, which has left its mark on the natural gas hose market with every work it has done since its establishment, realized its official establishment in 2015. Our company, which determines the working disciplines it has given for the company in which it will take place in the production and market in the process until 2018 and put the quality process on the basis, started to serve the market in 2018. Our company, which started out with 9 business partners in the first year of its establishment, continues to serve over 150 business partners in a 1000m2 production facility as of 2021.

Our company proving its market presence with different work and customer satisfaction; It makes efforts to fulfill its promises to its business partners and bilateral relations completely and on time.

Our company, which continues its production without discriminating day and night in order to fulfill the promises given in a timely and complete manner, so that we can enjoy the work we do, continues with its increasing success by increasing day by day.

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Kalite Politikamız ve Temel Hedeflerimiz

Our promises to produce our products in accordance with the legal conditions accepted in our country and in the world, that are valid and designed in accordance with the standards and to progress without compromising the quality of the domestic and international market;

  • First of all, we have a strong team spirit with our colleagues who protect each other and can watch over every moment.
  • To follow the technology constantly and move it to our laboratories.
  • To coordinate our production and quality system by taking a share from the absence of the past and synthesizing the needs of today and the demands of the future together.
  • To provide the order that we can get useful results by understanding the opinions, suggestions and expectations we receive from our business partners and incorporate them into our production system and give our business partners the place they want.

are our quality policy and our main goals.

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